Revilo Life was set up by Jemma Holden who wanted to demystify the world of insurance and ensure the delivery of fair, transparent impartial advice. Advice provided by Revilo Life ensures adequate and water tight policies are proposed, which in turn helps to limit disputes over a claim. Working within the insurance sector for more than a decade, Jemma has never had a claim not paid out.

Revilo Life offer a range of commercial and personal insurance policies. Our areas of expertise include Life Assurance, Critical illness, Accident, Sickness and Unemployment, Income Protection, Death in Service policies and Relevant Life assurance. We also advise on writing our policies in trust, to protect from inheritance tax, as well as giving advice on a tax efficient approach to writing your life insurance policies if you are a director of a limited company.

Jemma Holden, Managing Director – Revilo Life

Jemma started her career as an intercompany accountant for AstraZeneca before branching into the compliance and insurance sector as Director of Chestnut Business Solutions UK Ltd in 2007. Jemma successfully ran Chestnut Business Solutions until 2015 when Jemma merged with a larger Manchester based insurance company, Reich Insurance.

The company was rebranded as Reich Chestnut Ltd which Jemma successfully ran with her co-Directors, Simon Taylor and Danny Lopian for 3 years until deciding to branch out and start Revilo Life with Lee Collins of Revilo Group. Lee and Jemma have a long standing business relationship and both share common objectives for the business. Jemma strives for customer excellence and prides herself on delivering sound advice for all clients.

Mariam Aslam, Head of Marketing – Revilo Group

Marketing is key to success in any industry, which means Mariam has a very important role. It’s also a role she is ideally qualified for.

With over five years of integrated marketing experience, Mariam has occupied a number of key marketing roles within an agency background and in the premium automotive industry, including Jaguar Land Rover. Most relevantly, Mariam has a strong repertoire of new brand launches under her belt, overseeing projects through from conception through to launch and beyond. This means excelling at a whole range of skills, including social and online marketing, client management and the utilisation of rapidly developing technology.

A passionate personality, Mariam also shares the total Revilo commitment to understanding our customers and helping them achieve their goals.

Lee Collins FIMI, Chief Executive – Revilo Group

An amazingly shrewd and hard working professional, Lee Collins defines the ethos of the entire Revilo Group. He is an award winning Chief Executive who also owned and ran his own marketing company for over 14 years.

Very few Chief Executives are as hands on as Lee, or understand the value of creative, innovative marketing and outstanding client service better.

From very humble beginnings, Lee went on to have a hugely successful 25 year career in business. In May 2014, he sold his business interests to a UK PLC and retired aged 46. However, this blissful state of affairs only lasted three months before his passion for business took over again and he founded Revilo Capital Ltd in September 2014. Along with a large residential and commercial property portfolio, Revilo Capital provides expertise and start-up funding for other budding entrepreneurs. The company even acquired its first restaurant recently, The Coach at Edenfield.

Lee Collins continues to provide management consultancy advice to businesses and entrepreneurs through our consultancy business Revilo Consultancy. In addition, he is Director of UHY Manchester, a member of UHY International and a global accounting network represented in 87 countries around the globe.

As well as being Chief Executive of Revilo Life, Lee is also CEO of the other companies that make up Revilo Group including Revilo Developments, Revilo Automotive, Revilo Homes, Revilo Consultancy and The Coach at Edenfield. Indeed, it’s fair to say that the success of the Group owes as much to Lee’s drive and determination as any other factor. Altogether, it’s been a busy three years!

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